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Listening Lesson Plan for the TEFL Assignment 2

Listening Lesson Plan for the TEFL Assignment 2

Это план был составлен мною и оценен на 85% Британским  Академическим центром TEFL (Teaching English as a foreign language) в 2016г. Сертификат имеется.
В данное время преподаватель  английского языка в «Высший государственный  колледж» г.Астана.

Aizhan Amangazina
Master of «Arts»,
subject “Linguistics”.
University of Manchester, Great Britain, 2017

Class: 14 –year-old students are on a short holiday in an English speaking country (CEFR Level A2; 50mins).
For this listening lesson I have selected the pre-intermediate class as I believe it would be a good experience for me to teach in Kazakhstan. I have chosen the listening passage called ‘Work’ from ‘Speak out Pre-Intermediate video podcast Unit 2’, provided by Longman Pearson from YouTube ( All the images provided in the hands out are extracted from the internet.
I assumed that this material is suitable for them because they are already in pre-intermediate group and would be able to understand the speakers’ speech. I will start a lesson with greetings and checking for any absentees. After that I will introduce the topic of the listening passage.
Aim: Introduce a topic and enlarge their knowledge about the types of professions.
First, I would like to teach the English names of professions taking place in the clip, and I plan to show pictures of these professions beforehand and ask the students to guess or remember these positions or roles in the English language (hands out N1).
If they are not familiar with the names of these positions, I will show the list of names of professions and ask them to guess. They will work in groups of two for about 3 mins.
After that, I will start a video (first 1.21mins from the clip) and I would also like to ask them to pay attention for the right pronunciations.  After finishing the recording they will discuss the names of professions again. They will work in group of four and discuss whether or not they were right with the names and types of positions, which they will have received more clues about from the speakers in the video who provide additional information about said positions and where they take place. I will monitor whilst walking around the class (4 mins).
Warmer continued
Aim: to practise/ consolidate new items.
After that, I will play the whole video again to allow the students to understand the general meaning, transcription and new vocabulary (3.49mins). To consolidate and practise new items from the listening passage they will work individually on vocabulary and transcription matching (hands out N2; 6mins). After finishing this task the right answers will be provided on the board and students sitting next to one another will check their neighbour’s answer sheet indicating mistakes if there are any. An additional 1 or 2 minutes will be given to note down the necessary vocabulary in their vocabulary books. If they have questions regarding other new vocabularies from the listening passage they can ask from the group or myself, then we will discuss it together.
Follow up activities
After that, I would ask them to listen yet again to the passage for an even more detailed understanding of the gist. The aim would be to increase their memory and attention (3.49mins). Improvement of these skills would contribute to their concentration levels, and would help them to go into sufficient detail for any attempt to pass IELTS in the future.
For the practise, I will organise a game called “Who is Who”.  I will divide the students into 2 teams, with a name for each.  I will write the names of the teams on the board and will give scores for each right answer. I will cut the images of the speakers from the clip and divide into 2 sections, giving 1 section to each team. Members from each group will go one by one to another group to give detailed information about the speakers from their section.
For instance each team will show any random picture of their speakers to the member of the opposite group and ask them to give details about their job, as well as negative and positive things the speaker from the clip describes regarding their profession. I will prepare beforehand, detailed information about each speaker from the clip, then each team can check their opponents’ answers.  After playing a game I will put the scores on the board for each group.  I will not correct or interfere during the game, however, I will write for myself any grammatical mistakes each student does during their speech (13 mins). We will spend a further 2 mins to find out which is the winning group, and congratulate them accordingly (hands out N3).
To the follow up activity I would organise another game which could increase their speaking and broaden their mind with the types of professions. I would call this game “My future profession”.  I would ask them to think of any type of job they would like to do in future. They need to announce their favoured prospective job and suggest what features could be good or bad concerning it.  To assist students in choosing a desired job I would prepare extra slide shows in the form of pictures. They will think individually and will tell the whole group one by one.  If the group have questions on the negative and positive characteristics of that job, they can ask by raising their hand   (hands out N4; 10mins).
The remaining 5 minutes will be spent on explaining the home work.   I would like to ask them to take an interview from their parents or relatives regarding their job, posing the same questions as in the clip. For the very final 2 minutes I will try to speak to any students regarding any grammatical mistakes they might have made during the speaking activities.

Hands out N1

Hands out N 2
Transcription match

/dɪsədˈvɑːntɪdʒ/ opportunity
/sɛmɪrɪˈtʌɪəd/ variability
/ɒpəˈtjuːnɪti/ disadvantages
/əˈbrɔːd/ Two thirds
/ˈkɒntɪnənt/ semi-retired
/vɛːrɪəˈbɪlɪti/ abroad
/ɛkspɪˈdɪʃ(ə)n/ continent
/tuː/ /θəːd/ tiring
/həːt/ expedition
/ˈtʌɪərɪŋ/ hurt

Meaning match

The ability to do something well; expertise (noun) causing mental or emotional stress.
Any of the world’s main continuous expanses of land (Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America). deadline
Stressful (adj) To know well informed about everything going on regarding your job
the latest time or date by which something should be completed. (noun) skills
arranged neatly and in order. continents
in or to a foreign country or countries. (adverb) expedition
To be hands on (verb) store
investigator abroad
a journey or voyage undertaken by a group of people with a particular purpose, especially that of exploration, scientific research, or war. researcher
a large shop stocking many varieties of goods in different departments. tidy

(Constructed by me).
Pictures of the speakers in video.  (Pictures of the actors will be professionally cut and designed in a real lesson)

1. Flight attendant
2. Pilot
3. Driver
4. Sailor
5. Builder
6. Chef
7. Director
8. Doctor
9.Harvest worker
10. Plumber
11. Police officer
12. Teacher
13. Soldier
14. Seller